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Links Almost all dogs have some "prey" drive. When you drag a toy across the floor and the dog pounces on it, that is prey drive coming into action. When the dog chases a person on a bicycle, chases a squirrel or chases the UPS truck, that is prey drive. Obviously, some dogs have more "drive" than others, but every dog enjoys the chase.

Doggie Dash De Lure is a self contained lure course. Any dog may try his paw at lure coursing. The course is designed in a simple oval shape, about 150' X 150', with fencing on the inside and outside of the track so that all dogs may enjoy the fun of the chase. There are a few small hurdles, jumps and tunnels that the dog will navigate while chasing the lure. Only one dog is on the course at a time. Doggie Dash De Lure is designed for the dog and owner to succeed and have FUN!
. This is an excellent site to find any animal (not just dogs and cats) for adoption. It also has many informative articles, pictures, stories, training tips and items for sale. This is the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club. They offer many classes in agility and obedience from puppy to advanced. Also, they host many trials and seminars. This is an all-volunteer, nonprofit public education organization I volunteer for. We perform at fairs and festivals doing dog sports demonstrations. Also, we have an education booth where we help the public with training and  issues with their dogs. We are always seeking new members…might Junk Yard Dogs be for you too? If you need a straight, no-hassle deal on a car or truck Jeff Kotlarek works as a dealer support supervisor for

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